Blundstone Boots for Kids: A “Blunnie” Good Idea!

About five years ago (before I became a mother) I was visiting a girlfriend who had, at the time, four kids under the age of seven.  As I stepped into her house my eyes immediately went to the multiple child size Blundstone boots scattered across the foyer.  My first thought was “HOLY SMOKES THESE ARE THE CUTEST BOOTS I HAVE EVER SEEN,” followed by “HOLY SMOKES I WOULD NEVER SPEND THAT MUCH MONEY ON A KID’S SHOE.”

Fast-forward a couple of years. I am the mother of a two year-old girl and pregnant with our second.  With a child in daycare footwear always seemed to be an equation that I could never figure out.  Finding shoes that my daughter could put on herself, would wear all day with no complaints, survive the test of a toddler, and that looked good, seemed to be harder than I thought. Especially the latter, because… well, style is key. However, my struggle to find the Holy Grail of kid’s footwear ended instantly when I tried Blundstones myself.

The Blundstone name is synonymous with quality and there is no exception with their kid’s boot, sweetly nicknamed “Blunnies”.  The classic “Chelsea” style boot comes in either brown or black leather and has convenient pull-tabs for little fingers to pull on themselves. They also have non-marking soles, an extra insole that can be removed for more room to grow and a stylish unisex look that can be adorably paired with just about anything.

Although Blunnies sit at a higher price point of $89 they can be passed on through your family or friends. My daughter just grew out of her Blunnies (tear!) and we recently bought her the next size up. Her first pair is safely tucked away waiting to be loved once again by her little sister.