Mixie: The Best Formula Bottle For Traveling Babies

Now and then I will come across a product that is so genius and innovative that I am rendered speechless. This week, during the ABC Kids Expo in Louisville, I had one of those moments after meeting the people behind Mixie.

Bottle feeding can be a real hassle for traveling families with all of the products you have to tote with you (water, formula, bottles, etc). Mixie is the very first baby formula bottle that can be prepared before you leave and mixed while on-the-go.

The Mixie has two separate compartments for water and formula. You simply fill each one beforehand and when you are ready to feed the baby, press a button and the formula is magically released into the water. The compartment cap is also released and acts as an agitator to help mix the formula sufficiently and break up lumps and clumps.

Although I think this is ideal for travel, it is also perfect for evening feeds or when you have Grandma or the babysitter watching your little one. The price is a little steep for a bottle, but considering the added convenience, I would use this in a heartbeat if I were formula feeding.

Prices range from $10.00-$21.95 depending on the size. You can purchase these through our affiliate Amazon.com.