Real Boys Wear Bow Ties ~ Upcycled Versions For Toddlers & Kids

Since I had my son a year ago, I am in love with anything with a bow tie. This adorable accessory isn’t as widely used as it once was and I think it’s the sweetest most handsome addition to a boy’s outfit. My husband used to wear a bow tie every day to school until he hit Grade 4 and I know of a couple little boys who still do the same today.

While scouting out Etsy the other night, I came across EWMcCall, a seller that creates handmade and up-cycled clothes and accessories. Their Bow Tie Shirts are especially cute. Instead of the traditional small bow tie, this seller uses larger ones in quirky fabrics.

Pictured above is an E W McCall Original upcycle by Morgan Greene Runkel. It is done in a mint green, navy and brown plaid with a fully reversible bow tie that is attached to the underside of the color. Reverses from mint to brown.

Boys Urban Bow Tie Shirt With Plaid and Floral Bow Tie Size 4T from the John Richard Line for Boys Fashion

Boys Bow Tie Shirt Plaid and Mexican Floral Reversible Bow Tie Size 24 Mo from the Paul McCall Line for Men’s Fashion

Boys Bow Tie Shirt Patchwork Plaid with Reversible Mustard and Orange Bow Tie Size 4 from the John Richard Line for Boys