The World’s Most Photographed Event Is Just Around The Corner & It’s Great For Families!

What is the world’s most photographed event you ask? The 2012 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, Mexico holds that title and the event is just around the corner. Known as the official Hot Air Balloon Capital of the World, this city hosts hot air balloonists and spectators across the globe to watch over 500 balloons launch during the course of 9 days.

The even takes place in October 6-14, 2012 and has been named as one of the 15 Destinations on the Rise by TripAdvisor as well as one of the Best Fall Trips for 2012 by National Geographic.

Thanks to Albuquerque’s unique fall weather, pilots and balloonists take advantage of the “Albuquerque Box” – a combination of upper and lower level winds which enables balloonists to sometimes backtrack their flight path and land close to their launch site.

This event is great for kids as there are many of different spectacles planned over the course of the week. Some of which include choreographed Balloon Glows,  gigantic character balloons of all shapes and sizes and so many more. Event tickets start at $8 per event. For more information, visit the Albuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau.