The European Designed Y Fliker & Y Glider Scooters Come To America

Last month during BlogHer, I attended the 2012 Sweet Suite – a special event thrown by the ladies behind KidzVuz. During the event I was introduced to some fab new products and toys, one of them being the number one selling outdoor toy in the UK. Yvolution’s popular scooter, the Y Fliker, is a super cool and highly innovative patented self-propelling scooter.

The durable, sleep, three-wheeled Y Glider is great for beginner riders as it offers a patented ‘lean to steer’ method, helping younger children steer easier and, therefore, enjoy scooting at a much younger age. Children steer simply by leaning and stop by stepping on the back wheel brake. This also helps with kids’ coordination and balance as they scoot.

The Y Glider and Y Fliker both have light-weight frames so children can carry it on their own; and a solid aluminum handle bar that’s removable for easy travel and storage. Available in pink, purple, blue and green, the Y Fliker and Y Glider scooters are now available for purchase exclusively at Toys”R”Us stores across the U.S. and online.
U.S. and online at Toysrus.com/Yvolution.