Kind + Jugend 2012 Innovation Award Winners Announced (PHOTOS)

Every year during Kind + Jugend, a jury of experts weighs in on the best products of 2012 for kids and babies. The jury assessed a total of 217 products this year, which had been submitted by 169 companies from 31 countries – more than ever before.

First place in the “World of Moving Baby” category was occupied by the Kudu pram from Spanish manufacturer PLAY S.A.. The jury was impressed by the simple manageability of the pram, which consists of only two parts which can be connected quickly and easily. On top of this is an minimalistic and eye-catching design.

With the CYBEX Sirona from the company CYBEX, a child’s seat made its way to the top in the “World of Travelling Baby” category. This seat not only looks good – it is also decidedly safe. Even on the rear bench, the child sits facing backwards. Thanks to the 360-degree rotation function of the seat, getting the child in and out is particularly easy. The Sirona unites many practical, safe and innovative ideas in one seat.

In the “World of Moving Baby & Travelling Baby Accessories” category, the AIR TRAVELLER from Dutch company Deryan B.V. took first place. The AIR TRAVELLER is a simple solution for travelling parents. Regardless of the medium of transport, this new seat fixture enables the baby to sit or sleep comfortably throughout the journey.

The BabyPing from the company with the same name from the UK was able to win the jury over in the “World of Baby Safety at Home” category. Thanks to its simple operation, through which it enables the transmission of pictures of baby sleeping at home to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the jury deemed the video baby monitor a smart figure for modern parents.

The Wishbone Flip from Wishbone Design Studio in New Zealand in the “World of Baby Toys” category was described by the jury as being of the highest quality. A rocker which, at the flick of the wrist, can be transformed into a ride-on toy or can be pushed along by a young child. Bonus points were awarded for the choice of material – the Wishbone Flip consists almost entirely of wood.

The Hamac Swimsuit 2012 from French company Génération Plume SAS took the title in the “World of Baby Textiles” category. The extremely good workmanship without the use of plastic and the great appearance were the decisive factors for the jury.

In the category “World of Baby Furniture”, the Bednest from Pink Cloud from The Netherlands and Great Britain was announced the winner. The use of environmentally-friendly materials was as well received by the jury as the high functionality of the little bed, which performs well both as a bedside crib for at home or a travel cot.

Photo Credit: Kind + Jugend