The Top 20 Toys That Have Defined Our Childhood – Do You Agree?

Last month, the public was asked to weigh in on a list of 100 toys iconic of childhood all of which were chosen by curators of The Children’s Museum’s collection. After eight weeks of voting, more than 24,000 votes, and 600 stories shared, the final results are in with the top #1 toy being G.I. Joe®. Although I agree with many of the toys on this list, I disagree on the order in which they were chosen. G.I. Joe as #1 of all time? Um…

I must be in the minority however as the public voted and the results of this last vote determined the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners.

The final order for the top 20 toys:

Gold: G.I. Joe®
Silver: Transformers®
Bronze: LEGO® Toys
4. Barbie®
5. View-Master®
6. Bicycle
7. Cabbage Patch Kids®
8. Crayons
9. Play-Doh®
11. Raggedy Ann®
12. Spirograph™
13. Etch A Sketch®
14. Little Golden Books®
15. Hot Wheels®
16. Lincoln Logs®
17. Candy Land®
18. Roller Skates
19. Silly® Putty
20. Mr. Potato Head®

The 100 Toys project included iconic toys from the past century (1910-present) that were representative of childhood. As one of the few children’s museums that is also an artifact collections museum, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has more than 120,000 objects in its collection. Museum curators took great care in considering which 100 toys to choose that would represent a wide variety of experiences.

Starting today (Septme the final 20 toys will be on display at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis for the public to view through the end of the year. Although voting has ended, the public is still encouraged to share their own memories of each of the 100 toys on The Children’s Museum website.