J.K. Rowling Builds Two-Storey Hogwarts Style Tree Houses In Her Backyard

J.K. Rowling has worked her magic through the imaginations and hearts of adults and children around the world with her Harry Potter series. Having authored such a popular fantasy series, it shouldn’t surprise you that she’s a pretty imaginative designer as well.

J.K. Rowling is having three 40ft high, two-storey tree houses built in the back garden of her Edinburgh mansion that are so big, they require building permits. The towers are estimated to cost around £150,000!

The tree houses are built on stilts and offer turrets, balconies and intricate carvings. They are all linked by a rope bridge and can be reached by a secret tunnel hidden underneath a raised wooden walkway. According the the plans from the City of Edinburgh Council, the houses are being built for Rowling’s two youngest kids David, 9, and Mackenzie, 7.

Daily Mail reports:

‘David’s Tree House’ is closest to the secret tunnel and has a specially designed trap door and fireman’s pole escape into the garden
Meanwhile ‘Kenzie’s Tree House’ has its own spiral staircase and a stainless steel playground slide leading to a double set of swings.
A wooden walkway connected to the giant structure leads to a giant trampoline deck that is shielded from public view by a row of extra tall conifers.

Blue Forest, based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, seems to be the chosen builder for these houses. They have dubbed themselves as the UK’s leading tree house architects and specializes in creating fantasy castles or ‘James Bond-style hideaways’ with all the comforts (and luxuries) of home.

via The Daily Mail