gStyle by gDiapers Brings Biodegradable “Diaper Fashion” To Newborns & Babies

I was introduced to gDiapers several years ago by a friend of mine who had researched the brand and opted to use their biodegradable diapers for her daughter as a travel-friendly cloth diaper solution. They are what I like to call “the hybrid” between cloth diapers and disposables. You have a disposable insert that tucks inside the cover and so part of it is disposable (yet biodegradable) and the other can be reused. gDiapers are plastic-free, elemental chlorine free, latex free, and perfume free. gDiapers inserts are the only diaper to be certified 100% biodegradable. They can be home composted, tossed, or flushed.

Twice a year gDiapers releases fashion forward top and bottom sets and I think this year’s release is my favorite. For Fall 2012, they have introduced the gUniversity (est. 2005!) and gSweet.

The gSweet dress retails for $31.99 and the tee and pants retail $23.99. You can pick them up at gdiapers.ca.