Baby’s First Birthday Cake: The Healthiest (And Easiest) Cake You Can Make

First birthdays are monumental in our house and I have always baked our kids their own iced cake to dive into. My first daughter had her own chocolate cake which she had quite a bit of fun with and I did the same for my second daughter. Although they had ‘fun’ with their cakes, they didn’t really eat much of it. My family aren’t big sugar fans so icing isn’t on their list of favorite things to eat. Because of this, I wanted to see if there was something different that I could do for my son’s first birthday.

After scouring the net, I found exactly what I was looking for on my favorite site – Pinterest. There were a couple of pins for ‘watermelon cake’ that I used as my inspiration. No, not watermelon flavoured cake – an actual cake made from a watermelon!

My girls and I rolled up our sleeves and did an acceptable job I think. There was no mixing, no baking, no pouring and not much mess. It was a hit with my son as well who devoured 2 slices on his own.

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