Hello Kitty Spa In Dubai Provides Luxury & Pampering For “Princesses” & “Queens”

Love Hello Kitty? Sanrio has gone just one step further in marketing everyone’s favourite cat with the opening of the world’s first Hello Kitty Spa. We’ve dipped our toes (literally) in kiddie spas, but this definitely takes the cake! The Hello Kitty Spa in Dubai provides spa treatments just for kids in a luxurious setting.

Also, Dubai? SIGN ME UP! The UAE has been on my bucket list for ages!

Located in the city centre, this spa provides special treatments for both Princesses (young girls) and Queens (older ladies). Hair-dooz, Kitty Glam Facials, Kitty-cures and Toe-Tally pedicures are just a few of the many options you can choose from.

After a day of pampering you can head on over to the Hello Kitty cafe for some refreshments and sweet treats. Sounds incredible doesn’t it? I can only hope that they bring something like this over to America!

Source: Intralld