The Perfect Pen ~ Just One Of The Simple Things In Life That Bring Me Joy

Something as simple as a pen that works effortlessly brings me incredible joy and when it does so on a daily basis, I am happy as a clam. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? But seriously, a good pen makes my day – truly!

Don’t get me wrong I have hundreds of pens lying around. We have a jar full in the office and two on my desk which is forever empty thanks to my pen happy daughters. While running a business that requires a pen at all times, it is extremely frustrating when the ball point has dried up or simply doesn’t write anymore. Also, those light red pens – yeah not a fan.

The one thing (only thing) that I was looking forward to the most this back-to-school season was stationary shopping. I’m dreading the back-to-school season which begins in two weeks because I lose my daughter for half the day. Yes I guess I’m one of those ‘strange’ parents that actually enjoys having their kids home at all times. My daughter is going into Grade 1 this year so we have to pick up a few supplies before she hits the books. I figured that since I was shopping anyways I would be able to pick up a few writing tools FOR MYSELF in the process, but low and behold a package delivered some of my favorite pens so I figured I was all set!

Paper Mate Inkjoy comes in a variety of vivid ink colors to satisfy your writing needs. The only problem with it? It’s soon to be the World’s Most Stolen Pen. I have 3 packages (3!!) of these pens and only have 2 pens left to myself. How does this happen? My husband swipped a few (obviously he has never watched Dora) and my daughters are in love with the bright colored packs that I purchased so decided they would be kind enough to take them off my hands. Don’t kids play with crayons and markers? Sigh…

So as you can imagine I now need to stock up again because either the customers are taking the pens or someone in our house is eating them. Next time I’m going to be the one hiding my Inkjoy pens under lock and key.

*Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Paper Mate. I’ve had an ongoing love affair with their pens for years. All thoughts and opinions noted above are mine and mine alone.*