My New Favourite Back-To-School Snack Solution (And They’re Healthy!)


My daughter starts school in just 2 short weeks and if I’m being totally honest with you – I’m dreading it. I love having her home and the 9-3 is just a killer for me. I’ve been in such denial over the entire back-to-school thing that I am only now beginning to shop for clothes and supplies. Lunches and snack ideas are also on the top of my ‘to-do’ list which is always a very hard category for us. Fish (tuna) and peanut butter are banned from her school do to allergy concerns, plus she has a dairy allergy so meal planning is quite tough.

Luckily snacks are one area that I won’t have to worry about any longer. Peeled Snacks sent over a sample pack of some of their fruit snacks and I’m in love. We took a couple of packs on our road trip last week which were promptly devoured by all three of my kids.

This organic line of fruit snacks are made of gently dried fruit. The stand-up, resealable bags make them great for travel and since the fruit is dried you don’t have to worry about bruising, spoilage or messes. Peeled Snacks are just pure fruit as well so there is absolutely nothing added – no sugar, artificial sweeteners or oils.

The mango, cherry and pineapple varieties were my own personal favorite. (Mango is not shown in the photo above as I finished the entire bag myself. Shhhhh….).

If you are looking for a healthy travel friendly back-to-school snack, these are great and healthy to boot! You can find them nationwide in airports, gyms, resorts, hotels, and other convenience locations, including Starbucks, Hudson News, Whole Foods, Amazon.com, and at PeeledSnacks.com.

*We received a package of Peeled Snacks to facilitate this review.*