Customize Your Own Journal With Artterro’s Art Journal Kit

Journalling was a passion of mine from the age of 8 and on. One of my friends gifted me with my first journal on my 8th birthday and from that day forward journalling became a passion of mine. I wrote about my daily activities, my hopes, dreams, disappointments and more. Essentially – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly ;). Now, years later I still have those same journals and hope that one day my girls will follow suit and write their memories down ‘the old fashioned way’.

While in Chicago last year during the Toy Fair I met up with the folks at Artterro, a company that we have written about here before. Known for their fabulous art kits, Artterro has since added to their product line. The Art Journal Kit is one of my favourite new additions and how I wish it was around when I was a child.

This cool kit allows kids to express themselves and get creative with decorative papers and project ideas. The book includes a

  • Color-coded tearaway front cover
  • Heavyweight front and back cover for you to personalize
  • 14 project pages of ideas, instruction and inspiration
  • 5 pass of handmade decorative papers
  • 6 pages heavy weight smooth bright coloured paper
  • 2-pocket folder for scraps, found objects, images and references
  • 25 pages heavyweight 100 lb. artist-quality drawing paper

Smart! I have plenty of ‘found objects’ that I taped in my own journals, so love the 2 pocket folder addition on this one. Since the book is spiral bound you can lay it flat while writing or decorating.

The Art Journal Kit is available to purchase directly through Artterro for $12.95.

Disclosure: We did receive a sample book, however were not asked to write this review. I chose to share information on the book with you all as I loved it so much.