Step2’s My Clubhouse Is Great For Summer, Fall & Spring Play

This summer has been glorious. Truly, truly glorious. We’ve had incredible weather, plenty of family outings and road trips and thanks to Step2, my kids have been spending plenty of time outdoors. The company sent us the ‘My Clubhouse‘ a few weeks ago and to my and my husband’s utter delight, the kids have made it their second home.

Out of the box, the clubhouse took approximately 30 minutes to assemble. I ‘supervised’ while watching my husband because I’m good that way. He left the sticker application to me ;).

The house is a good size but won’t take up your entire backyard. It stays put and yet you can move it around if need be. In my daughter’s words, the fabric roof “keeps the rain out” and is both durable and weather resistant. Since the design is so accommodating, you could easily play with more than 2 children. We were playing ‘ice cream truck’ the other day and all three kids stayed inside the house and pretended to serve me ice cream while I sat on the attached picnic table.

Another fun features is the chalkboard. My girls take turns erasing the board, insisting that we rename it each and every day.

The My Clubhouse has proven to be a great tool for encouraging my girls’ imagination and creative play. Apparently I’m not the only one that thinks so as this particular playhouse won the 2012 Play Advanced Language (PAL) Award.

The kids have a good 4 months of additional use before we have to put it away for the winter, so I’m excited to see what other ‘games’ and ‘plays’ they come up with in the process.

*Thank you to Step2 for sending us the Clubhouse for review! All thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone. *