Road Tripping It With Baby ~ Our Favorite Drink & Snacks For Little Ones

While attempting to get the most out of the summer, my family and I have embarked on quite a few road trips this year. Due to the nature of our business, a couple of these trips included my husband, while others I braved by myself with the three kids. Traveling 5-6 hours with a baby and 2 girls in tow is quite the experience, let me tell you! For the most part it has been smooth sailing and I definitely credit that to the fact that my son can see his sisters in the back seat. They are his ‘entertainment’ shall we say ;).

With 4 road trips down and 2 more to go, the most important tip I can share is – be prepared food-wise. Snacks that are suitable for babies and kids are my favourite because they can share easily and there is less fighting.

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