SocialLuxe Lounge 2012, Getting UnJunked & Meeting Vanessa Lachey

The SocialLuxe Lounge is a HOT ticket and one that sells out ridiculously fast. This year..it was snatched up in 2 minutes. No I’m not exaggerating!

The 2012 Slow Churned SocialLuxe Lounge from jane maynard on Vimeo.

I was supposed to attend in 2010, but my plane was delayed and by the time I arrived at my hotel the party had already ended. Yes, I was seriously disappointed. This year however I made it and after attending I can definitely see what all the buzz is about. Allison, Jane and Marie, the coordinators of the event are incredible women who work so hard to pull off what is one of the best events during BlogHer weekend.

Cherie-Lynn Buchanan, one of my favourite photographers and fellow Canadian shot the event which was held at the Arena on 41st Street.

Not only did I get a chance to see some of my dearest friends, I also met up with mama-to-be Vanessa Lachey (formerly Minnillo). She attended the event as a spokesperson for Operation Smile and Edy’s ice cream. Just one of the treats being handed out during the event.

Another fun sponsor was UnJunked. I’ve been hearing quite a bit about them but never had a chance to try out their products. UnJunked is a candy company that makes candy bars and snacks without any artificial flavours or colours, hydrogenated products, corn syrups, preservatives or GMO. Pretty cool right? This is one brand of candy that I would actually consider handing out during Halloween.