Chet The Architect Brings You Through New York City’s Museum Mile & Teaches Kids To Draw!

New York City offers so much for adults and children of all ages, but when it comes down to museums the diversity and selection is quite large. Kathryn Koller recently penned and illustrated a couple of new books that are perfect for traveling kids. The first “Chet The Architect: How To Draw New York City’s 5th Avenue Museum Mile” teaches children how to draw 9 museums on 5th Avenue. The book includes a pen and easy instructions that show you how to put shapes together just like an architect, creating New York City’s most famous museums.

Let’s take for example the Museum For African Art on 1280 Fifth Avenue. Built in 2012 by Robert A.M. Stern Architects, the building offers a modern style all it’s own. Your child can replicate the design by drawing two rectangles and trapezoid shaped windows with several slanted lines. The instructions are very clear and simple making this suitable for children ages 7 and up.

Another new book from Kathryn is “Chet The Architect Shows You New York City’s Museum Mile Pocket Guide” an accordion style book that takes you through the history and location of each of the 9 museums on 5th. It is a great informational book full of facts, that goes along nicely with the drawing guide.

If you have plans on taking your kids to New York City, these would be the perfect accompaniment!