Eco-Friendly Playthings For Tots Featuring miYim’s Organic Stuffies

As an eco-conscious family we try to live as green as possible in all aspects of our home. Eating organic produce is something that we strive to do as often as possible, however organic isn’t always readily available – especially in the winter months. Luckily, there are other options for those of us who are looking to leave a lighter footprint and purchasing organic clothing and toys are just two of those other ways.

I like to try and purchase organic toys whenever possible as I feel better about my baby putting natural toys in his mouth. It is also nice to know that I’m supporting organic farming in the process while helping the environment and our planet in someway. You may find that organic baby toys are a little harder to find compared to the non-organic variety, but lucky for you and me, some of our favorite characters have gone green!

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