Unique Jigsaw Puzzle Rugs ~ The Ultimate In Cool Room Decor

These rugs put the literal meaning of ‘play’ in play mat. This car version is the perfect play mat for toddlers and encourages learning, counting and color recognition. Your child can rearrange the cars in various patterns or match them up – the possibilities are endless! The mat is made to order in 4 to 10 weeks and doesn’t run cheap retailing for £620.00.

The Create Your Own – Puzzle Rug
can be used in a baby, child, tween, teen or even adult’s room. The cut out design can be changed up to suit your mood or room style. All woolen felt pieces are removable and switchable. Price: £730.00

The Jigsaw puzzle rug is a contemporary piece that is both bright and cheery. You can even split it in half to create two separate smaller rugs. Price: £730.00

Use the dots on the Dotty Rug to create patterns, designs or even words! Price £620.00