Britax Frontier 85 SICT – A Car Seat To Grow up With

The Britax Frontier 85 SICT is probably the last carseat our family will need. That’s bittersweet in a way. We started our parenting adventures with a Britax.

So much has changed over the years since I shopped for car seats for my now (almost) 16 yr old daughter. At the time there were far fewer brands on the market and we went for what we considered to be the “best”. We bought a Britax Boulevard because of the great reviews and the fashionable cover options. That car seat lasted through three siblings and was a favorite of them all with its soft cow print cover.

My youngest son is now four and has outgrown his smaller car seats. With car seat laws enforcing car seat laws up to the age of 8 in our home state, he has many miles to travel before riding without a car seat.Technically I could put him in a belt positioning booster at this point, but I’m much more comfortable keeping him in a five point harness for a little longer. And he seems to prefer it as well.

We’re thrilled with the Frontier because we know it’s going to be a comfortable throne for our son until he has outgrown car seats entirely. The seat is well padded and roomy and he’s not going to outgrow it. It’s versatile in the way it can be used (with the 5 point harness or with the car’s seat belt system). Our son love the car seat because he is able to buckle himself up (we still unbuckle) and because of the roominess and integrated cup holders. When he falls asleep in the car the amply padded wings provide a comfortable head rest.

I should note that this car seat is huge, and if you have a small car and many kids in car seats, you might want to consider the Britax Frontier 85. I like the extra side impact protection provided by the SICT model but I have the space to accommodate the larger seat in one of the captains chairs in my minivan. It literally fills the entire seat. Look how comfy my son is!

I’ve looked at and tested many brands over the years, but am happy to come back to Britax for what is probably our last car seat in the family. The fact that this car seat will last families up to six years  or more (age 2-8), makes it a great value in my opinion.

Disclosure: Britax provided a carseat to make this review possible. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.


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