5 Best New York City Museum Exhibits For Kids

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Kids have the attention span of, well, kids. When taking the little ones to a museum it is possible to avoid the dreaded “I’m bored” and “Can we go yet?” Here are five museum exhibits in New York to visit that will keep your kids entertained and have them instead asking you, “When can we go back?”

Touch Tunnel at the Liberty Science Center
The touch tunnel at the Liberty Science Center gives kids and adults alike an idea of what it’s like to be blind. Heading into a mysterious, pitch black, crawl-through maze make you realize how much we rely on our sight to navigate through everyday life. Don’t be surprised if your kids get right back in line to do it again. (Note: Touch tunnel is for kids 7+)

Discovery Room at the American Museum of Natural History
The Discovery Room was designed for kids ages 5-12 and gives kids a hand-on, behind the scenes look at science. Discovery Room allows kids to hunt for animals in a two-story replica of an African baobab tree filled with birds, insects, reptiles and small mammals. Kids can also create their own collection of minerals, skulls or arthropods from a cabinet filled with a variety of objects.

EatSleepPlay: Building Health Every Day at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan
This exhibit is an easy way for families to learn how to create a healthy lifestyle together. The exhibit is made up of the The Decision Center, Consequence, The Sleep Center, Play Center, and the NYC Green Cart. Each section teaches you a little something different about the how to live a healthy life. From learning the power of dancing, running and bouncing together in the Play Center to following nutrients through the body and to the heart in the Consequences section this exhibit will make you think about your body and health like never before.

World Brooklyn at Brooklyn Children’s Museum
Modeled after real life Brooklyn, children can navigate through a variety of kid-sized shops like the Mexican bakery, Chinese stationary store and West African Import Store. Your kids will love the vibrant city, shrunken to a child’s scale. In the Global Beats Theater kids can sell tickets or perform on stage. Life-size video projections of local performance troupes invite children to dance along to traditional music like Russian ballet and Irish step dance. This fully-interactive city will keep the kids busy for hours.

The Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Met has a lot to offer especially for children with a little bit of patience and passion for learning. Kids will love the Temple of Dendur as they step right into the structure. Off to one side, kids will enjoy the 11-foot-long granite sphinx of Hatshepsut, ancient Egypt’s premier female pharaoh and possibly the world’s first woman head of state.

These are just a few of the New York museum exhibits that are kid friendly. What museum exhibits would you go back to with kids or never go back again?

Photo Credit: Children’s Museum of Manhattan