Stitchtagram: Instagram Pillows For Anyone & Everyone!

Okay, so I kind of geeked out a bit when I came across this company. I mean come on! Instagramed pillows – what is not to love?

As you know, I am an Instagram addict and although there are so many ways to use those photos, this is the first time I’ve ever seen sewing and Instagramming combined.

Stitchtagram allows you to display your photos on pillows and you have the choice of two different formats – 5×5 or 2×2. Because you get to choose which photos you want included as well as the layout, the possibilities are virtually endless. You could do a patchwork style with a color theme, a baby theme, a couple theme. Like I said – endless!

These would make a great gift for anyone really, depending on the images used. It doesn’t have to be a personal photo album, you could do a fashion themed pillow, or a food pillow. See, my imagination is carrying me away… If you are as intrigued with these pillows as I am, head over to Stitchtagram to check out the samples they have on display.

Price: $94.50 (on sale for $64)