Shupeas: Shoes That Grow With Your Baby’s Feet

Having two girls (or two boys) is great because then you can reuse all their baby clothes and shoes, thus saving money and time. We did this with my second daughter and it worked out very well. She is able to wear her sister’s dresses, pants, tops, pajamas, shoes and even sandals from previous years. I have rubber bins marked with sizes in the basement and pull one out every time she grows a size.

Since my third child is a boy, we weren’t able to reuse again, so I’ve had to shop all-new for him. The thing with my son…he grows faster than any of my kids. He is now in a size 24 months/2T and was just a 6-12 a couple of months ago – crazy! Shoes are tough as well, because they are so pricey and when a baby is growing so fast, they only wear them for a couple of months at a time if you are lucky.

If only I would have known about Shupeas sooner! These super cool shoes grow with your baby and come in one size 0-24 months. The company sent us their deliciously soft leather versions and my son has been wearing them non-stop for the past couple of weeks.

So how do these genius shoes work?

You simply lift the rear flap and release the Velcro straps. Then you can open the shoe up to put your baby’s foot in. Tighten the Velcro straps around the ankles securely, lift the medallion pull forward and adjust to correct the size.

Cool right?

Price; $36.00 through Creative Kidstuff.

*Company sent a sample for review/consideration.*