Toyota Welcomes Family Road Trips & Travel With New Initiative

With many families gearing up for the summer holiday – which starts in exactly 24 hours for us here in Ontario – many are planning out their trip, looking up interesting places to stop along the way. Those stops are clearly marked in most guidebooks and travel publications, but what about the hidden natural gems just beyond the turnpike? Or the amazing wildlife and habitats that live just a short distance from the highway?

Toyota and the National Audubon Society are inviting families to discover the natural wonders with their new initiative – TogetherGreen. They have put together some excellent Exit the Highway itineraries for popular road trip destinations in the USA. The itineraries can be downloaded  and contain many useful tips, locals and information you need to explore your local natural wonders or areas in which you are traveling to.

I will be joining Toyota in a fun Twitter chat tomorrow discussing road trips, family travel and tips on finding those ‘hidden gems’ along the highway. Join us Thursday, June 28th at 8PM EST using the hash tag #ExitTheHighway. Would love to hear about your road trips and any tips you may have!

If you would like to enter the Toyota Prius v contest, pledge to Exit the Highway in order to enter you into the sweepstakes. In addition every photo submission you upload via your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram channels with #exitthehighway in the update will count as one (1) additional entry into the sweepstakes. Please add a description that includes the location for each photo uploaded. You can also upload a photo manually via www.exitthehighway.com from your home computer once you’ve pledged, registered and logged into the site.