Personalized Children’s Safety Bracelets Are Perfect For Camp

Most of the USA is out of school for the summer, but here in Canada we have a couple of more days left until school is officially over and our break begins. With many of us planning summer vacations, family getaways and camping trips, there is always the worry of keeping our children safe.

Personalized ID bracelets provide a little piece of mind and in addition are a great way to keep your contact information with your child at all times. Personally, I like how you can have your phone number engraved on the back as it serves as a reminder for my daughter if she ever needs to reach me while visiting a friends house or while she is at school.

I also love the leather cord design and how you have the abililty of adding charms. They are definitely the cutest ID bracelets I’ve seen thus far!

Price: £35.00 from Babatude