Barbie Dolls Of The World Take Kids On A Trip Around The Globe

There is nothing my girls love more than to travel. They use their suitcases on a daily basis, pretending that they are at the airport going through security, checking their luggage, getting themselves comfortable on their seat on a plane – anything to do with travel they have made it a part of their play. This is just one of the reasons why I was so excited to hear about Barbie’s new Dolls of the World Collection.

This glamorous 2012 doll line consists of 4 dolls from around the world – China Barbie®, Ireland Barbie®, Australia Barbie® and Argentina Barbie®. The dolls come in a real cute travel carrying case with a special pet and passport with stickers.

The passport was a HUGE hit with my girls, in fact they want all their dolls to have passports now. Sigh. Not sure how I’m going to pull that one off.

We opted for the China Barbie doll who is gorgeous and comes in a beautiful traditional Chinese dress.

Another highlight from this collection is how Barbie has brought the experience to a digital format through their website allowing kids to play games with Barbie and learn fun facts about each country.