What Makes Love Stronger, Days Shorter, Nights Longer & Bankroll Smaller?

I’ve been very melancholy lately. Going through my girls’ baby photos and watching my son play with his sisters. I know this is an age old saying but time really does go by too fast! There is something so magical about a baby, the stages they go through and their little quirks and personality traits.

My son is on the verge of walking which is freaking me out just a little. On one hand I’m over the moon excited and proud and yet on the other, I don’t really want to say goodbye to the crawling stage just yet. He’s going through shoe sizes like it is nobodies business and yet when I compare them to his sisters’ footwear, his are teeny.

Thank goodness for cameras and iPhones, allowing us to capture as many of these memories as we can. I just wish I could bottle them up sometimes…

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