Last Minute Gifts For Father’s Day ~ Our Top 3 Picks

Father’s Day is just around the corner! If you haven’t picked out a gift for the most important man in your life, we have you covered! A couple of weeks ago we put together a list of over 15 different products for dad over on giggleGAB. Today, we wanted to share 3 more products that you should put on your radar whether it be for Father’s Day or a birthday.

Although I am a diaper bag fanatic, my husband doesn’t share my enthusiasm. He isn’t a ‘purse guy’ and prefers to tote around a cloth shopping bag or a backpack. When I saw this new Daddy Diaper Pack from Daddy Scrubs, I just had to share.

The all-black backpack is a no fuss solution for guys who don’t really dig the whole handbag deal. The custom design has side pockets for water bottles, baby bottles and sippy cups. There is even a big pouch in the front for clothing, baby wipes and diapers. In addition, there is a front organizer pocket that is designed to hold all of his small trinkets and essentials – cell phone, money, keys, small toys, etc.

The insulated cooler pocket is a great addition for dads who want to keep their kids juice or bottles cool. The size of this backpack is perfect and it isn’t too builky or heavy. WIth the all-black design, and the cute embroidered ‘I’m the Daddy’ displayed on the front, this is the perfect bag for dads.

Be sure to check out their “I’m the Daddy” Boxers! Another cute idea for Father’s Day

Price: $59.95 from Daddy Scrubs

2. Dove Mens+Care Line 

Have you checked out the new Dove Mens+Care line yet? This collection is designed specifically for men and contain Dove moisturizers to keep him comfortable in his own skin. The line is available in most supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.

Prices vary

3.  Tube-Wringer

My husband would put this on his wish list if I showed him. He is always going on about me squeezing the toothpaste tube in the middle. Surely I’m not the only one! Anyhow, this neat gadget allows you to squeeze up to 35% more out of your toothpaste.  Just secure the tube between the aluminum rollers and turn the steel handle to compress.

Price: $21.95 from Uncommon Goods