5 Tricks & Tips For Teething Babies ~ Baltic Amber, Jewels, Frozen Treats & More!

Teething is never a fun period to go through. My son cut all four teeth in a matter of 4 weeks, so things were a little hectic around here with his clinginess and nursing marathon. There are a couple of tips and tricks that I wanted to share with you all, ones that helped with the pain, distracted my kids and made the teething process a little more bearable.

1. Teething Necklaces – photo pictured above

These pretty Amber necklaces are truly magic and have been a blessing for all three of my kids. I’ve used the same necklace with all three babies and it has made a noticeable difference with their pain levels. Baltic Amber is used to make these trinkets and it is said that the stone contanes a substance called succinic acid, which occurs naturally in our bodies and acts as a analgesic (pain killer), anxiolytic (anxiety reliever) and anti-flammatory. They use it in vitamins adnd it is believed that a small amount of the succinic acid may be absorbed from the amber into the bloodstream.

The necklace I have, has a magnetic closure so there is no choking risk to the baby. You can find many different variations through natural parenting shops or on Etsy.

2. Teether Toys

My kids loved gnawing on teething rings, toys and anything that provided a good ‘chew’. This princess ring is an adorable variation on the tradition teether and doubles as a fun toy.

Be sure to pick something that is colourful as it helps with distracting them. You will most likely want to have one of these on hand whenever you are out say… grocery shopping. On Sunday, I made the mistake of leaving the house without one and this happened.

Not so fun, when you discover your son has chewed through a box of pasta while you are in the check-out….

3. Chilly Things

Anything that is cold or frozen provides lots of relief to your little one. We’ve used everything from frozen washcloths to frozen fruit to take the edge off. I also like to put frozen bananas and fruit in a food processor to make ‘ice cream’. It’s a cold treat that babies (and everyone else) love to snack on.

4. Keep baby dry

Babies drool like it is nobodies business, so be sure to keep a clean cloth or blanket handy to dry their chin and cheeks. It prevents skin irritation and keeps them happy ;).

5. Change in atmosphere

Simply taking baby out for a walk in a different atmosphere can make a big difference. My son’s demeanour changes as soon as I put him in the stroller and take him for a walk. An added bonus is that they usually fall asleep!

Those are just a couple of tricks that have worked for my little ones. What are some of your tried and true tips for teething? Would love to hear!

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