Olive Us ~ Design Mom’s Charming Video Series Depicting Sibling Love & Friendship

Flick through the stations on your television, pop in a DVD and children are flooded with all kinds of messaging, from commercial to lifestyle. Sibling rivalry has become so ‘normal’ that when you see cooperation, love and respect between brothers and sisters, it is so refreshing that you can’t help but smile.

Gabrielle Blair, the founder and editor of Design Mom and a woman I admire and respect greatly, has released Olive Us, an online series that is a must-see. This video project was shot in France, where Gabrielle, her husband Ben Blair and their six children relocated to last year. They put the series together to both honor sibling relationships and to inspire families “to get up and do or make or move.”

Lemonade Stand from Olive Us on Vimeo.

The series is charming, heartwarming and fun. My girls adore (absolutely adore) this series and my 8-month-old son dances through the entire episode above. The sibling love and views of the French countryside left me inspired.

Check out Olive Us, to view the other three episodes. You can also subscribe, to have a weekly email with updates, new videos and behind the scenes footage delivered straight to your Inbox.