Kiko + Ashiato Wooden Sandals Make Animal Track Prints As You Walk!

These incredible sandals from Kiko + Ashiato are designed after traditional Japanese sandals, but instead of a regular tread, these offer something a little different…animal prints! With each step your child takes, they make prints in the sand or soft earth. The soles of these shoes leave prints from dinosaurs, dogs, cats, geckos, owls, and even a monkey!

The shoes come in 5 different colors and four sizes. As they only just recently launched worldwide, they aren’t as readily available in America as they are overseas. You can purchase them directly through Kiko Kids, or various overseas and Japanese retailers. They just recently came available through The Spotted Monkey, who thankfully ships to both Canada and the USA. They currently carry the ‘Monkey’, ‘Zaurus’ and ‘Cat’ sandals which retail for $29.99 per pair.