5 Simple Games & Activities For Babies Ages 6-9 Months

It’s funny how different kids can be. My 8-month-old son is starting to show a real interest in games, toys and just simple cause and effect, while at this age my daughters were into stacking, sorting and creating ‘collections’ of things, books and toys, with absolutely no interest in traditional play whatsoever.

We have a really cute xylophone that we bought for my middle daughter a couple of years back and although she never quite took to the whole concept of music-making, my son is overly keen on banging the keys and squeals when he makes music. When a customer rings the doorbell and walks into the office, he looks at the door and the chime in wonder. These simple actions have been a source of constant entertainment for him!

Because of this, I wanted to share 5 of our favourite activities and games that we’ve been playing with him for the last couple of months.

1. Making Music

As mentioned above, this is his absolute favourite! A toy xylophone is fabulous, but even a simple wooden spoon paired with a pot can keep a baby busy for quite awhile. We’ve tried this with aluminum pie plates and bowls to create different sounds.

2. Peek-A-Boo

Yes, yes I know this is a given, but there are different ways you can play to mix it up for your baby. Palms over the eyes is one way, but I’ve ‘hidden’ under receiving blankets, piles of laundry or even the blanket on our bed many a time so that he could ‘find’ me himself. He likes this the best and thinks it is absolutely hilarious when he discovers me with my eyes closed and I surprise him with a dramatic eye pop and ‘BOO!’.

3. Water Play

We used to bathe all three kids at once, but because we have the old-fashioned claw foot tub, there wasn’t much room for the kids to splash around, so we’ve switched things up and give my son a bath on his own. He is free to discover, splash, play with toys and test his limits without any crowding from his sisters. Baby’s at this age either detest or adore the water, and I’m happy (and thankful) to say that he adores it! Again, it was a different experience all together with my girls…

4. Playing Airplane

Ok, so this isn’t JUST for babies ages 6-9 months because my eldest who is now 5 1/2 and my middle child who is 3, all line-up to take turns when I start ‘flying’ their brother around. Lying on your back with bent knees, you can place your baby on your legs and rock them back and forth or side to side. It tickles their tummies and makes them giggle like nothing else!

5. Exploring Nature

The outdoors are a sensory playground for babies and my son could quite easily play in the grass for an entire hour if I let him. The touch and tickle of the grass, picking flowers and rolling them around in his hands, noticing the change in wind, every aspect of the outdoors opens a child’s ears, eyes and mind. It’s easy, free and gives you a great opportunity to take lots of pictures as the lighting is excellent.

This post is sponsored by Disney Baby. I’ll be joining the Disney Baby blogging team next month, and look forward to sharing these kinds of stories (projects/ideas/etc) with you over there! Stay tuned for more details!