Beauty Box Subscriptions In Canada & The USA ~ Sample Boxes For Busy Moms

Beauty products and cosmetics have always been a huge passion of mine. Years ago I used to make my own natural cosmetics and actually sold various massage oils, body creams and lip balms at a local event. I made my own bath salts, face creams, bath bombs, etc. It was a hobby of mine that went to the wayside after I had kids. Periodically I whip up a fun bath product for the kids, but these days I hit my local Lush or Sephora for the products I need.

Beauty Boxes are a new trend that hit the USA a couple of years ago and has just taken flight in Canada. Basically, it is a subscription service that allows you to customize your own box (by hair color, skin type, fragrance preference, etc) and you are then sent curated boxes every month with samples from different companies. Depending on the service you go with, prices range from $10-$15 per month. I took it upon myself to test out Glymm, Luxebox, Glossybox and Topbox.

For the last few months I’ve been reviewing their contents and have come to the conclusion that out of all 4, Topbox and Glymm are my favorites, with Glymm winning out the top spot.

Check out my video review above for a more in-depth review. You can view the contents of the boxes below. These photos were taken a couple of months ago, as Glymm has since changed their packaging.

Have you ever subscribed to a beauty box service? If so, what did you think? Do you have a favorite?