5 Fairy Tale & Nursery Rhyme Themed Nursery Room Ideas

There are plenty of modern nursery room ideas, animal themes, simplistic, retro and even Mad Men inspired nurseries turning up everywhere you look, but I wanted to put a round-up together of nurseries inspired by fairy-tales. Nurseries and children’s rooms are places where your babies will grow, play, day-dream and as they get older – make believe. Here are some of our favorite nurseries that look like they came straight out of a story book!

Pictured above is a stunning nursery designed by Petit Tresor for Dr. Phil’s granddaughter Avery. The design looks as though it came straight out of a royal palace.

This is another beautiful example of a dreamy nursery where they have painted the ceiling to look like clouds and the colors are soft and everything looks very magical. How much do you love those flying geese?

With this Enchanted Nursery Rhyme Fairytale Room, the designer put the main focus on a gorgeous hand-painted mural and then added decor and furniture around it. She has tied in various characters such as Humpty Dumpty (on the castle wall over the crib), Jack and Jill (by the changing tables) and has even integrated silver bells and cockle shells from Mary Mary Quite Contrary. The beauty of this mural is it can grow with your child as they get older. Simply replace the crib with a bed and you have a magical room for an older child as well.

If you are outfitting your room for your daughter and thinking along the lines of ‘pink’ this Little Princess Bedding Set sets the room off in a very royal fairytalesque manner. ;).

Christina Aguilera went with a Nursery Rhyme theme for her son Max’s nursery. Although I am digging the colors, I’m not so sure about that moon…

Is a fairy tale themed nursery something you would consider for your child? If so, which story would you theme your room around?

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