Nikon Coolpix S30 Waterproof Camera Review ~ Finally, A Rugged Camera For Kids!

Do your kids like to take pictures with your camera? Mine are obsessed and although I do like to encourage it, I get kind of antsy when they wield around my DSLR or my husband’s point-and-shoot which now has a crack down the view screen (sigh). Luckily, Nikon has kept all of this in mind with the launch of one of their new cameras.


The Nikon Coolpix S30 is an excellent family camera that all members of the family can use, regardless of the environment or situation you find yourself in. The camera is shockproof (up to 80 cm) so if your child drops or bumps it, you don’t have to worry about it dying on you. Yes, we tested this claim out ourselves and let our kids go wild with it. Another fabulous feature is that it is waterproof! You can bring this camera to the beach or in the pool, to take pictures up to 3 m.

This photo was taken during a recent trip to Key Biscayne. Pretty good quality don’t you think? It was taken underwater!

I was also able to capture shots of my son that I would not have otherwise been able to. Like the water drops when he splashed and close-ups of him in the pool.

The camera offers a 10.1 megapixel image sensor, producing sharp images and high-quality HD movies. There is a 3x wide angle zoom on the camera as well. The only thing I recommend is that you double check the settings before you start shooting as there is a frame feature that allows you to take photos within custom frames. If you don’t want frames around your photos, then make sure this is disabled.

My kids have been having a total blast with the S30 and the underwater and water play shots that we’ve been able to capture are priceless!

This camera is available in three summery colours: blue, pink and white. It retails for $119.95 in Canada, or you can purchase it through our affiliate Amazon.com for $99.00.

*Thank you to Nikon for sending us this camera for review purposes!*

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