Kids Camping Lights ~ The Perfect Two-in-One Solution From Haba

I came across this clever little product and had to share it, especially with camping season just beginning and everyone going through their gear,  making sure they have everything to hit the wilderness. The Terra Kids Camping Light is the perfect accompaniment for any child that loves camping and the exploration that comes with it.

The reason I love this product so much, is two-fold. First, it is one of the few products on the market that does not use batteries. Anyone that has a child that has gone through a flash-light and fort phase knows how frustrating a kid can become when the flashlight stops working. And I am sure many parents can relate when they end up at Costco stocking up on batteries.

Equipped with and On/Off button, the Camping Light also features a crank that, when used will generate electricity and charge up the 5 LED light. 3 minutes of cranking provides you with up to an hour of light!

The second reason I love this light is because of the built in compass on top. Kids love compasses, though sometimes they aren’t quite sure how to work them. This will save you having two products as everything is all wrapped into one.

Price: $35.99 from Amazon.com

Heidi Oran

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