Ford Elementary School Opens Their Doors Boasting A Beautiful State-Of-The-Art Design

If only schools everywhere could look this good! Ford Elementary, a sustainable school in Richmond, California will be holding their grand opening on Saturday, May 19th to show off the interior and exterior of their beautiful school. We have a couple of photos of the school that we wanted to share because, well, how gorgeous is it?

The two-story building, awhirl with bright colors and shapes, was designed by Sally Swanson Architects. Ms. Swanson, founding principal and CEO, explains, “Our goal is to provide a community-based school that is secure, totally green and healthy, and also delightful—relating to the age level of the students and very life-affirming.”

A highly collaborative bilingual planning and design process has resulted in joint-use spaces, innovative technology and security systems, and a green and energy-saving campus. The new school was built with the support of the citizens of the West Contra Costa Unified School District, and has received strong support by the WCCUSD Board.

The original school was built in 1949 and deemed unsafe, so they rebuilt the school using an imaginative interpretation of the Mission style with decorative blue and yellow tiles and an outsized arched library window. Windows, openings, and building details reduce the large scale to that of a child.

In addition to their smart design, the school will also offer community worships and advanced technology.

Some of the amazing sustainable features include 100% natural light in classroom; maximizing fresh air indoors; green and non-toxic materials; and insulation made from recycled blue jeans are a few of the sustainable highlights. Outdoors, native plants and bioswales add greenery with low water requirements, and are also used as educational components.

Again, how I wish all schools would follow suit!

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