I don’t know about your children, but it seems that mine are often pushing their pricey toys aside and taking matters into their own hands. Lately they have been creating “paper toys”, which are basically superheros which they color and ask me to cut out for them. They literally play with these for hours, and I am left wondering – Why do I spend any money on toys when they take so much pleasure in something so simple?

molly-meg is on to this idea, with their line of Mood Switch Stickers! Available in three different styles – girl, boy or animal – the stickers allow children to have a bit of fun with light switches in their room and create characters with a variety of features. Each package contains four sheets of vinyl stickers which you can peel right off and do not create a sticky mess.

The girl pack includes hair color variety from black to red, freckles, and different color eyes as well, while the boys have the option for moustaches. You can expect whiskers and the likes in the animal pack. One of each would make quite the variety of options!

molly-meg sells each set for £6.50 and you can stock up here. For those of us who do not have the same light switches (which I assume is anyone in North America), don’t let that stop you, you can use these covers anywhere, even on a wall!


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