The Carkoon Car Seat ~ The New High Tech, Space-Age Looking Car Seat

Have you ever come across such a high-tech, space-age looking car seat? I certainly haven’t and you may be surprised when you hear why exactly the Carkoon® is such a special and innovative product. The main feature of this carseat is a protective shell which includes a built-in airbag that covers up baby on impact.

This rear-facing car seat is set to “raise the bar” in car-seat design. It works by detecting impact and identifying the severity. This detection will allow for the appropriate safety measure to unfold. One option is that the cover will close up and release an airbag that will “cocoon” your child while allowing for breathing space. There is even a built in GPS system that will alert authorities to your whereabouts if an accident did happen.

Additionally, the Carkoon®, which was designed by Jullian Preston-Powers, of Brighton-based Cool Technologies, is extremely user friendly, with a simple rotation system to turn baby around quickly, an easy release handle, and more.

For £499 you can own a Carkoon® likely in 2013. For those seeking futher details, the company has a thorough FAQ section which can be found here.

What do you think about the Carkoon®? Will you be in line to snatch one up, or are we taking car seat safety too far?