Shaun White Apparel Suits Active, Energetic Boys

7 is an interesting age, fashion wise. You’re no longer a baby. You don’t want to dress like a “little” boy.

You’d like to be a DUDE.

My son isn’t all that into fashion. He wants to be comfortable. He wants to be able to run and play. He’s a little partial to red, but just as happy to wear blue. If you ask what he wants to wear, he might say he doesn’t care, but he knows one thing. He wants to look cool. He doesn’t want to look like a baby.


Shaun White is obviously a dude. He’s got all the daredevil x games type appeal that a boy who doesn’t want to dress like a baby is looking for.

As a parent, I’m pleased with both the price point and the quality of the goods. These clothes are well made, down to the contrast piping in the lining at the neck and the matching belt that comes with the shorts we tested. I love the bright orange soles on the shoes.  It’s a small detail that you’d think you would not see all that often… if you didn’t have a 7 year old who liked to jump, kick, crawl and leap through his day. Shaun may not be seven anymore, but he gets that active spirit, to a tee!

The line is available exclusively at Target stores, and online at Target.com.  The pieces are actually designed by Shaun and his brother Jesse, as they draw inspiration from their own experiences, interests and wardrobes, creating an edgy line for boys age 5-teens.  Aside from tees, hoodies, denim, polos and button-downs, the collection also includes sneakers, hats, belts, wallets, flip flops and boardshorts.

New items set in stores every few months to ensure boys are staying on trend for summer, back to school, holiday, etc.   We will be back for more.


Disclosure: Target provided the outfit photographed for the purpose of this review.