Bravado Celebrates 20 Years Of Breastfeeding Success With Some Exciting News & Giveaways!

As the brainchild of two visionaries deeply passionate about a woman’s breastfeeding journey, Bravado has grown into  a nationally recognized brand that is well known and respected by celebrity and street moms everywhere. Now, 20 years later, they celebrate two decades of success as a business and a support system for moms.

Beginning with a leopard print bra worn for 48 hours straight 20 years ago, the Original Nursing Bra was created and a brand was born. Affectionately nick-named “the little nursing bra that could,” this bra stood the test of time and over the years evolved into an entire collection that supports women on their powerful journey into motherhood.

I actually remember the year Bravado launched as my own mother bought one of the Original Nursing Bras in 1992, the year that one of my sisters was born. The company is a true innovator and pioneer in the nursing landscape, one that thinks outside the box when it comes to listening and supporting moms. Bravado has been the 1st on many levels:

  • The first nursing bra to combine style, form and function.
  • The first nursing bra company to demonstrate their commitment to all new mothers via ongoing partnerships with organizations such as Baby Buggy, Community Women’s Shelters and WIC.
  • The first breastfeeding blog (aka The Breastfeeding Diaries) chronicling the intimate journeys of a diverse range of new moms.

This is a company that has become a trusted source, not only for their nursing bras and apparel, but as one that continues to connect and cater to women by providing resources for  breastfeeding education, information, support and community by adding qualified voices to the public dialog, connecting women everywhere and supporting information sharing in the category.

Our mission has always been to bolster a mother’s self-esteem during this challenging, yet triumphant time of her life. I am proud of our twenty years developing and innovating products in the nursing sector with a clear and committed focus on serving women on their motherhood journey” said Kathryn From, CEO Bravado Designs.

“As we empower the daughters of our first customers in the next 20 years, we have the unparalleled opportunity to continue to lead and advance the nursing dialog both with products and information – impacting the lives of new mothers for generations to come.”

To celebrate their 20th anniversary Bravado is kicking off some very exciting partnerships and giveaways in  2012 focused on new mothers, including a BravadoMama Model Search, monthly giveaways and an exciting announcement that we will be sure to update you on later this year.

BravadoMama Model Search

Starting May 4th, the company will be launching the BravadoMama Model Search, to find one of a few new faces of the brand.  The campaign will run for 4 weeks and the winner will be announced in mid-June. As part of the Grand Prize, one Bravado Mama will receive:

  • A two-day trip to Toronto for the photo shoot
  • Airfare, hotel accommodations and meals for two + baby
  • A Bravado Designs Nursing Wardrobe

You are going to want to keep updated with Bravado throughout the month as well because on the 20th of each month until the end of 2012, Bravado will randomly draw 3 winners (one Facebook fan, one Twitter follower and one BravadoMama subscriber) to win a nursing bra or Essential Nursing Tank of their choice. Entering is quite simple, all you have to do is join one of their three online communites we linked to above.

Have you ever used Bravado Designs? Would love to hear your stories and comments on how they have supported you through your breastfeeding journey!