The Tiny Universe Spring 2012: Baby Fashion At Its Finest!

While making my way through the ENK Trade Show in New York City last month, I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of The Tiny Universe. We featured this brand last June, when we came across their adorable mini tuxedos and baby outfits. We immediately fell in love with the simplicity of the garment and too cute for words designs.

For Spring 2012, The Tiny Universe has released several new pieces that will have moms and dads swooning. The collection features subtle hints of current trends, subtle storybook inspiration and a fashionable style all its own.

Although we are loving the dresses, we wish there was something new for the boys as we are such big fans of their suits and tuxedos! The collection is available in sizes: 62 (0-3 months), 68 (3-6 moths), 80 (6-12 months) and 92 (1-2 years).

For pricing and more information, please visit The Tiny Universe.