Could This Be One Of The Most Expensive Dolls? Dior Debuts The “Dressing Up Doll” With 3 Dior Dresses

Presented in a luxurious Baby Dior Box (that doubles as a dressing room by the way), is their latest toy, “The Dressing Up Doll“. With curled hair, friendly face and moveable limbs, this blue eyed beauty closes her lovely lashes when she “lies down” to take a nap.

The doll comes with 3 Dior dresses, each of which are made from cotton and silk. The dresses come with Dior plaques just like your dresses, two belts and hangers. The doll wears little white pants, ballerinas and socks, and is suitable for children from 3 years old.

Cute, but pricey, this doll runs you at $612.03 from our affiliate Childrensalon. The price has us wondering if it could be the most expensive doll out there…