Miniature Milk: Baby Clothes Made Out Of Milk Fibre

Have you ever heard of Milk Fibre? I hadn’t either until we were recently introduced to Minature Milk, an adorable line of eco-friendly children’s clothing made using a combination of both Organically Grown Cotton and the soft and naturally anti-microbial Milk Fibre.

First – the clothes. Minature Milk has created a line of baby clothing  ranging from ages 0 – 12 months which includes bibs, hats, onesies, sleepers and more. The designs vary, and though many are very simplistic, my favorites are the items with cow-like patches spread about. So sweet!

Each piece includes their signature logo, a cow’s face, and comes in two choices of colour, purple or blue. I can’t describe how incredibly comfy these look for baby.

Minature Milk products have also been approved by a leading Pediatric Dermatologist, ensuring that they will be kind to babys skin. Even the ratio of fabric is revealed, 20% milk fibre, 80% organic cotton!

You can learn more about Minature Milk and view their affordable and adorable line on their website.