Colonial Williamsburg For Kids: 8 Things To Do In This Historic City

“The challenge of history is to recover the past and introduce it to the present” – David Thelan

If you’re looking to ignite a life long love of history in your children, then there is no better place to visit than Colonial Williamsburg. History jumps to life in Colonial Williamsburg in the most delightful and interactive way.

There is something for children of all ages here. For very young children (2-5) I would recommend a half a day visit, for little legs can get tired and attention spans can wane. For older children (6 and up) you can easily fill an entire day with fun (shhhh, learning is just an added bonus).

Get Into Character

Stop at the Visitor’s Center and visit Williamsburg Revolutions to rent costumes for boys and girls. Kids will feel like an 18th century child as they explore this historic town. Don’t forget to grab a times guide and map while you’re there.

Get a Game Plan

Visit the Kid’s Corner first thing to plan your day for each age group. Located beside The Governor’s Palace and open daily from 9 to 4:30.


You’re in the 18the Century, so no iPods or Nintendo’s to be found here. Find out how kids played before they had electronics! Play a game of hoops on the Palace Green or visit the Market Square to find a great selection of kids games from Whirligig to Jacks. Also find slates for writing your schoolwork on, tin flutes and dolls made out of fabric! Perfect for all ages.

Eavesdrop on the Adults

You’re part of the story in Colonial Williamsburg, so history is alive all around you. Ladies and gentlemen roam the streets, along with soldiers, shoemakers, bakers and maids. Everyone of them is available for some 18th century conversation. If you’d rather just listen in, watch for when they gather and listen in. It’s fun to hear what they talked about and also how they talked to each other. Protocol and manners were just as important as what was said. Great for all ages.

Visit The Farm

Tend to livestock and help take care of the crop at the Great Hopes Plantation. Tours run Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30. Perfect for little and big kids.

Get Somewhere…Slow

Imagine no cars! The horse was the fastest thing around in this era, so relax and take in the scenery on a horse and carriage ride around Colonial Williamsburg. Space is limited, so make sure you get your tickets early in the morning. Great for all ages.

Order in The Court

Be a part of an 18th Century court session. Members of the audience participate in this 25 minute court mock up, making up the jury, the accused, the judges and the spectators. Kids will be fascinated to learn what was considered a crime in the 18th century and how justice was dispensed. Ages 8 and up.

Get Scared

The Tavern Ghost Walk is the perfect tour for little scaredy cats. Just enough spook to make them tingle, but tame enough to keep them nightmare free. It’s an entertaining walk through the streets of Williamsburg at night. Ages 6 and up.

Before you even leave home, start exploring all there is to do on the Colonial Williamsburg website and let your kids play in the Kids Zone.

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