Toideloi Stackhouse: Not Your Average Dollhouse!

I am so excited to share this neat toy with you today! Something tells me the folks at Toideloi took a look into my childhood when they came up with this amazing toy concept. As a little girl, I adored playing with my dolls, arts and crafts and I was addicted to the immense building block collection my mother helped me amass over the years. Now, Dutch designer Martijn van Tilburg, has taken all of these playtime ideas and merged them into one — a completely customizable dollhouse!

The Toideloi Stackhouse modular dollhouse is made entirely of wood. Walls and other components of the structure simply slide together for a no-tools-required assembly which is sturdy, stable and can be disassembled just as easily. The possibilities are endless as your child may build whatever structure they deem suitable as their imagination grows and shifts. A house one day, a tower the next — there’s even a barn! — and wait til you see the amazing furniture and dolls within!

Once you decide on the Stackhouse of your dreams — prices start at $75 for one room with a balcony, up to $540 for a complete castle — it can then be furnished to your child’s delight with the neatest PAPER dollhouse furniture and family possible. For just $5, a download of the plans are all yours. The next step? Print your plans onto heavy card stock, cut, fold and voila! No glue or tape required to keep these spectacular bits together. Amazing, right? You even get to create your very own paper family, and all pieces can be coloured or decorated! I have a feeling moms and dads will have a blast joining in with this dollhouse creating fun!

Visit the Toideloi for more!