Looking For A Baby Bouncer? Our Review For BabyBjorn’s Babysitter Balance

As you know I am a babywearing fanatic and tend to “wear” my son everywhere and for most of the day. For the last couple of months however, it has been a little challenging to do so for longer periods of time. My ‘little’ 6 month old is tipping the scales at 21 lbs, so although I still wear him, I take many breaks throughout the day.

The issue has always been where to put him because doesn’t fit in the infant seat we have and has lifted himself out of the Bumbo (I know!). Thanks to BABYBJÖRN, I know have my very own babysitter, one that engages and entertains my son using his own body weight. This bouncy seat actually uses your child’s movements and transforms them into a fun rocking ‘bounce’. There is no installation or set-up needed when you purchase this chair, it can be used straight out of the box.

There are three positions on the Babysitter Balance – play, rest and sleep. We have only been able to use the ‘play’ and ‘rest’positions as my son’s weight pulls the seat down. There is a maximum weight for each position, with the max reaching 29 lbs in the ‘play’ position.

The Babsitter Balance offers an ergonomic design with its molded seat, providing proper back and head support for your baby. This seat has been a lifesaver for when I’m cooking or just need a break from lugging a twenty pounder around all day. The design is simple yet genius and like all BABYBJÖRN’s products the quality is unmatched.

The Babysitter Balance comes in a wide range of design and color options from organic to retro (my personal favourite). All seats retail in the $190 range, however Amazon.com currently has them discounted from $132-169 depending on the style you choose.

*Thank you to BABYBJÖRN for supplying us with a sample for review purposes.