Flights Are About To Get Pricey For Families Looking To Sit Together


If there is one thing I’ve been having a hard time wrapping my head around since moving from across the border of Detroit, to north-east of Toronto – it is the fact that it extremely difficult for traveling families to find a flight under $200+ (all in) one way. Perhaps it is just my fond memories, but it wasn’t that many years ago that my then family-of-three flew from Detroit to Los Angeles for $250 round trip, taxes in.

As if flights weren’t pricey enough, word via MSNBC is that it is about to become even more expensive for families that are hoping to sit together on flights.

It all began with a Tweet from NPR Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon, who became frustrated after learning he would not be seated with his children on a flight, saying, “If there’s a problem in air, shouldn’t parents be near children? Do you really want strangers entrusted to help them?”

American Airlines quickly replied that for $4/seat, “preferred seating” is available in coach. Eventually Tim Smith a rep from AA stated, “We always try to seat the younger children in the party with parents and guardians, even if it cannot be worked out for the entire party.”

It appears that it is now commonplace to pay extra to sit with your family, so tell us, how do you feel about the confusion of family seating on an airplane?

Will you pay extra to sit with your children on a plane?