Tutu Pour Mon Deux ~ Design Your Own All-In-One Tutu

We reviewed Tutu Pour Mon Deux a couple of years ago, however the company has since added a few changes to their customization process that I think you will appreciate. These adorable tutu shirt/skirts are actually an all-in-one outfit, as the tank or tee is attached to the frilly tutu skirt sewn to the bottom. The outfit can be worn with tights, pants or leggings and are great for little girls who love to dance.

Each tutu can be customized with your choice of tee (or tank) color, organza/ribbon and tulle color, and the tops can now be customized with cute little patches if you choose.  These sweet appliques add real character to the outfit and spruce it up a bit as there are plenty of options to choose from. They have everything from monkeys and cupcakes to hearts and kimonos.

Since my eldest daughter tried out the Tutu Pour Mon Deux‘s tank style a couple of years ago, it was my youngest daughters turn to pick out an outfit this time around. We opted for the long-sleeve version in pink (of course) with a crown applique. The quality of the top itself is excellent and we have thrown the entire piece in the washer and dryer several times and it looks as good as new.

Priced from $34-$38, these are an affordable way to purchase the whole ‘tutu princess’ look without breaking the bank!

*Rachel Florio PR sent samples for review purposes.